About Pathway Technologies

The home of high-impact construction technologies in a changing world.

Sand and gravel is the foremost resource in construction.

However, it has now become the most extracted substance on the planet, next to water — becoming a vulnerability in the industry itself, and for global development as a whole. How? The impact is in rapidly rising material costs, longer lead times, and irreversible environmental damage.

Rebuild your damaged roads

Pathway Technologies in the Philippines is the home of RoadPacker Chemical Soil Stabilizer, the means to undertake advanced road construction generating the best material and cost efficiencies.

Pathway Technologies is the expert in deploying high impact construction technologies in local markets, bringing chemical soil stabilization to 14 out the 17 regions of the Philippine Archipelago in less than three years during a global pandemic.

Why we are different

Pathway’s technologies enable construction companies to gain decisive competitive advantages in efficiency and cost effectiveness: lowering the cost of materials, using less total equipment, and needing less total time to complete; while lowering the overall carbon footprint of the project.

At present, Pathway contributes in the domains of road construction and in low-cost housing in the Philippines, but will soon become an emergent contributor in the supply chain for impact construction projects in the developing world.

Our Pillars

New-Gear 1


Earth-based Technologies utilize materials on-premises that reduce project complexity and supply chain risk.


Less use of sand and gravel; lower overall carbon footprint for construction projects.


Savings on materials acquisition, equipment use, and overall project time to complete.

Our Story


Pathway began as a helping hand extended to friends trying to make a business work in country they’re foreign to. Formally launched in 2020 with only an understanding of the local construction market and a warehouse of inventory Pathway Technologies began its transformation of Road Construction in the Philippines. The name Pathway communicates not only its value to connecting technologies with users, but also its roots in road construction where tremendous impact can be achieved from the local communities connected, to national economies, to the global climate.

Towards this, Pathway Technologies brought RoadPacker chemical soil stabilizer technology to public road construction, allowing contractors exceed performance expectations set by government regulators.

Our Journey

While Pathway remains a very young company, the first two years were indeed the most challenging. The global COVID-19 pandemic required severe lockdowns and travel restrictions that prevented us from reaching our market. With patience, resilience, and faith in the ability of the technology to create tremendous value for so many stakeholders we were able to reach the decision makers all over the country that as restrictions to travel eased up in 2022, we have supplied to more than 50 road construction projects in 14 out of the 17 regions in the Philippines.

We were committed to meet the market where they were. We wanted local planners to witness the effectiveness of the technology and they did so because of our efforts to bring them to the construction sites of our client companies.

Where we're going

We’re still only in the opening chapters of our story, as we go beyond public works and start supplying contractors of agricultural road projects, and then other industrial sectors such as mining, renewable energy, and property development.

Through RoadPacker we provide a road construction technology that serves taxpayers, end-users, planners, regulators, and future generations with high performing projects that mitigate adverse environmental impact. Pathway Technologies is designed to bring similar high-impact technologies where it can do the most good.

This is what we care about, and this in our hearts is what makes us good at doing it.


Pathway’s Team is diversely experienced, from business development in the property development and construction sectors; with technical depth from mechanical, industrial, to civil engineering.

Your next road project is going to be awesome.