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Stabilization Treatment of Soil to Function as Subgrade in Road Concreting Project


RoadPacker Plus is an advanced material technology for road construction exclusively distributed by Pathway Technologies, Inc. It is proven to economically improve the construction and performance of roads undertaken by the Philippine government and the private sector in a growing number of projects all over the country. This undertaking is done for the benefit of the Department of Public Works and Highways District Engineering Office Regional XI, to demonstrate and reassure its members of the feasibility of construction using RoadPacker Plus, as well as the performance of the road layer as treated using it.

Situation of the project:

(50m x 3.05m section of) Concreting of Road from Brgy. New Murcia to New Katipunan, Matanao to Dalumay, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.


Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur

Date of Demonstration:

June 22 to 23, 2021

Scope of Works:

Treatment of in situ soil material currently used as the subgrade layer, for a section of 50m length and 3.05m width.


Vicente T. Lao Construction


The subgrade was treated, consisted of in-situ soil used throughout the project. The treatment used feasible construction methodology requiring no additional equipment than what was available and are currently in use for road construction. After compaction, the road base had visible improvement later validated by a passed Field Density Test averaging 111.68%, well above the 95% requirement for Subgrade layer, 100% requirement for Base Course layer using Item 201: Aggregate Base Course (and Item 200: Aggregate Subbase Course). Actual Dry Density result is 1987.42 kg/m3, well above the 1660 kg/m3 Maximum Dry Density (MDD) of the untreated subgrade, and comparable to MDD of Aggregate Subbase Course (ranging from 1,800 kg/m3 up to 2,100 kg/m3). Soil present in project site (in-situ) was successfully treated.


Pathway Technologies, the authority in earth-based construction technology continues to advocate the use of stabilized soil as road base construction material to reduce the use of sand and gravel in road construction, a non-renewable resource that is the most extracted material on the planet next to water. Pathway is most successful when the government, the developers, and the construction companies adopt its alternative construction material technologies.

This adoption only follows if the alternative successfully delivers the performance of sand and gravel materials in an economical way. This is possible through RoadPacker Plus Ionic Soil Stabilizer, manufactured by the RoadPacker Group, and distributed exclusively in the Philippines by Pathway.

While a growing number of Engineering Offices and Regions of the Department of Public Works and Highways have embraced the use of RoadPacker Plus as a chemical stabilizer for Item 206 in its Book of Standards and Specifications for Highways, Bridges, and Airports: Chemically Stabilized Road Mix Base Course/Subbase Course, this has yet to be the case for Davao Del Sur District Engineering Office Region XI. 

Still, The Davao Del Sur DEO welcomed the possibility of advanced road construction technologies and approved the trial demonstration of RoadPacker Plus, specifically for its subgrade layer using in-situ material (pure soil). This is performed for a section of an ongoing road project undertaken by Vicente T. Lao Construction connecting Brgys. Matanao & Magsaysay. Pathway Technologies as well as RoadPacker International provided engineering and technical application support. 

The trial was conducted on June 22 and 23, 2021.

The trial proved that the construction methodology, the choice of material to be used as subgrade, and the performance of the stabilized material exceeded requirements. It is conclusive that soil stabilized using RoadPacker Plus results in road construction materials exceeding performance requirements. Thus, Item 206, or Chemically Stabilized Road Mix (which is not just pure soil but is instead composed of a blended aggregate of soil with some sand and mostly gravel) is a suitable replacement for Item 201 and/or Item 200 (Aggregate Base Course, Aggregate Subbase Course) in the respective Programs of Work for road construction projects. 


Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur


Taken as of an ocular inspection on June 21, 2021. The condition as is, despite prior compaction cannot provide a stable base for a concrete pavement, let alone a usable road by itself. The tire marks are deep, indicating structural weakness even during dry conditions. Under rain this road may not be passable by most vehicles.


The compacted material shows damaged and unstable surface with deep tire marks


The condition of the original subgrade material after treatment and compaction bears observable improvement

Further lab results are appended to this report in the succeeding pages.


Suitability of soil for RoadPacker Plus involves the next two results, for reference.


The following are the actual findings for the materials before and after stabilization.



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